A downloadable game for Windows

It Devours Our Souls is a short game for GMTKjam2019 made in 48hours.

Sneak around your enemy, find a gun with only one bullet and kill the monstrosity.

You only have one chance, one weapon, one bullet and there's only one enemy.

warning: If you monitor's resolution is lower than 1920x1080 it will mess some of the visuals. I'll fix that after jam.

Controlls :

  • WSAD > Move
  • Mouse > Aim
  • LBM > Shoot

Twitter: @Fiskyfisko


It Devours Our Souls v0.1b.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the zip. file and launch the exe. file


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A fun short stealth game with a clean aesthetic.

im late to the party but this was a fun game!

haha thank you for playing!

this is REALLY cool i only got through the first 2 levels but this is cool!

I played this game for my event in which I'll be posting videos for every day of October. I really enjoyed this one and was sad to see it end. I could have kept going for several more levels. Love the art and sound design and the fun mechanics. Very enjoyable experience.

Hey, It Devours Our Souls made it on my GMTK Game Jam 2019 Best Of video:  

Keep up the great work!


Thank you!

Incredible game jam game! The art direction is incredible

I like the idea of the game, the art and sound is very well made. It would be interesting to see some more movement patterns/variations from the monster, but all in all, very well executed. 

It´s a really cool concept, and it kinda reminds me of Stranger Things, but I do think that the game would benefit from giving some feedback about the field of vision of the monster and the eyeball-thing. Otherwise, pretty cool game.

Hey there and thank you! I wanted to keep the game simple and minimalistic and I didn't want to have big red cone of sights there. In a such short time I didn't figure a better way how to do it so I kept it clean.

(2 edits)

It could be something as simple as adding a small animation or a liittle sign above the monsters head when it's about to spot you. Like, if you're far away nd approaching him, since it's not clear how far he can see, maybe add some feedback that if you get closer or don't find cover soon, he'll see you. Or maybe have the screen turn red or dark as you enter his field of view. Maybe it doesn't work with the kind of game you want it to be, but i think it's worth giving it a try o see how it affects the experience. Just saying. Again, I really liked your game and I want to see what it becomes if you keep working on it.

Oh sure. I'm already planning on how to make it better. Removing the gun and adding only a dagger so you have to sneak up behind enemies, adding crouch and making the grass not so tall so it's not confusing when they see you behind the grass, and also adding a 1-2 sec period with visual feedback (flashing light or eye above enemies) when enemies see you so you can still hide in that period.

That sounds great. How can I know it when you finish the game? Will you publish it on Steam?

You can follow my twitter, tho I'm working on my bigger game for some time already so it's lots of work for me.

That's one cool little concept !

Really interesting and has a good potential while staying simple. 

I much like this infiltration style, maybe some lack of freedom with the camera (i was tempted to do the hotline miami's camera movement on shift during the first levels,  just a feedback tho :p)

Very pretty, but could've had a bit more depth and more mechanics.

Thanks for playing! I wanted the game to be finished and uploaded sooner than later so it's a lil simpler.


This is a great concept for a game! The art style is also very nice. I would probably pay $5 if there were more levels and enemy variety, and maybe different ways to kill the monster.

Thanks a lot! I'll sure improve it after the game jam ends.