A downloadable game for Windows

Sang: The Desert Blade is a Souls-like Action RPG currently in development. Demo is keyboard and mouse only for now.

Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1848600/Sang_The_Desert_Blade/

Explore, fight and defeat terrifying bosses in the unforgiving world of  Sang: The Desert Blade

  • RPG system - Use Essence, collected from slain enemies, to level up and increase your attributes
  • Upgrade your weapons, making them more powerful
  • Explore a unique world - Find useful items such as the 'masks of the dead' that unlock new talents
  • Die and learn from your mistakes
  • 4 directional combat that encourages thoughtful positioning and good timing

  • Use a unique spellcasting system that allows you to cast any spell you've learned at any time by quickly inputting the spells pattern

Follow the story of Sang as she's looking for her kin. Her visions warn about world ending events and her own deaths. The gods have grown silent... and it's up to you to find out what happened.

The game is work in progress, important features are missing.

If you like this game, make sure to follow me on twitter or join my Discord server! Don't forget to rate and comment!

The game might perform badly on integrated gpus. If you're on laptop, make sure your dedicated gpu is forced in drivers.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(70 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Action RPG, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Furry, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Souls-like, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


SangTDB_v0.26a_64bit.zip 140 MB
SangTDB_v0.26a_32bit.zip 139 MB

Install instructions

Thanks a lot for downloading the game!

Unzip and launch the exe file.

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This game is very good!!!

I really love this game!

Thanks a lot! <3

i've only beaten the game once with the warrior god and the ending made me really confused but intrigued for what could come next

Thank you for playing!

also how do get the other weapons? i only have the first 2

you get one from the secret zone if you interact with the obelisk at the begining while having light on and the interacting with the pulsing eye in the basement.

The other weapons are WiPs that you unlock through cheats, pressing F5 and then F4

Love the game! Looking forward to it!

i accidentally duplicated the music files and fsr it wont delete, any idea on how to solve this problem?

PS: love the game btw

I have no idea, you should be able to modify or delete files however you want. There might be some problem with your windows file permissions, so check that.


couldnt find freddy fazbear 0/10


I really love the demo even though I haven't really got into souls games. It feels like I'm missing a lot of good games :(

Is it ok if I share the vid here?


Thank you for trying it out!

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Really liked the game. I'm always excited when someone tries to mix things up in the magic department, gives me warm, nostalgic feelings for Arx Fatalis and stuff like that. Its cool to input your own spell combinations. Aside from that, controls are responsive and combat is crunchy and on-point. It never stops being hilarious to lure enemies onto traps. Maybe make them a bit smarter, so that isn't a failsafe go-to for any hard battle? Dunno, just nitpicking, the demo is solid in concept, and it feels like a living world, with the animal folks worshipping the Earth Mother, sacrificing blood and body to the great womb. So good luck onwards! Looking forward to seeing more of this.


Thank you! AI is fine as it is, there won't be always traps to help you out haha.

(yes, Arx Fatalis was the inspiration for the casting system)

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I loved the demo and style of the world! It was great fun and brought me back to memories of playing DS2 on my dad's Xbox and raging at the Dragonslayer ^w^ Can't wait to play the full game! the only thing that pains me about it is that I cannot fund the kickstarter anymore >^< would've loved a guide to the world and the other goodies, need more Sang!

PS: After writing this comment I've decided I need more Sang in my life to an absurd degree, would it be possible in the slightest of chances to be able to buy the kickstarter content somehow? This has become my new obsession and I need more.

Haha thank you! All I can say is maybe, it's lots of extra work haha. <3

Yes! Blessings upon blessings upon you!  /^W^/ Have a great day!


I hate souls games...yet I also played all the Souls games from Demon Souls to Elden Ring... Have I beaten any of them? Lol nope...
The games are fantastic! I just hate getting angry...but I also really like a challenge...
To put it simply, it's not the game's fault. It's merely a skill issue. This is a great demo and I love it so far, but also at the same time I hate it with a burning passion and I look forward to the full release.


haha glad you hate/like it <3


Already rage quit within 30 minutes. Keep it up! :D

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What an excellent demo! The art, character design, music, world and story are all excellent and I can't wait to see how you build on all of it!

In terms of the gameplay, I think there is a lot of great stuff here. Even in just the demo, I love the build variety! Starting builds, different weapons, different accessories and effects, talents. All stuff I love.

Attack, heavy attack, spell, parry, and dodge are simple but effective core features for a combat system and I had fun with it. The effects on a successful dodge/parry are also great, firstly because it lets me know I was successful, and also it because it feels satisfying. There was also a good amount of enemies with different attack patterns and even a boss, which I thought were all a good difficulty. I also enjoy the spell system, and liked that you use magic in combat and for exploration. Even found a secret spell which is fun!

As for things I'd like to see improved, it's all stuff I'm sure you have your eye on changing anyway. One or two enemy attacks were a bit awkward to parry, and the stamina felt a little too restrictive. Its also a little awkward casting a spell in battle. For a game still in development, these are very small points.

I'm very impressed and had a lot of fun! Sad I missed the kickstarter, but I'll definitely be following this project from now on. (Also I can't find any donation links anywhere, but would love to chuck a few bucks your way to support you!)

Thank you for your kind words <3

Great art style btw!! Really hope to get farther into the game soon.

One concern: I'm definitely not a grinder but this game gives me major Crypt of the Necrodancer vibes with how hard the enemies are. I chose Ygraku as my god, so that definitely hinders my situation, my fault for that tho lol. The enemies doing so much damage so early on in the game is a bit much for new players, in my opinion.

The dungeon in the third checkpoint seems a bit clustered, as well.

In general I'm still getting used to this game only having played it for my first time for an hour straight, but I'm really looking forward to playing it again!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing the game.

You should not pick Ygraku! It gives you -80% Max health which means everything kills you in one hit, it's for people that want more challenge.


this is what i've been wanting out of a furry game! I can't wait for new updates!!!

Thank you <3

I absolutely loved this demo. The combat is really nice once you get the hang of it and the mechanics strongly resemble a souls-like which makes it 100% better (in my opinion). The most I enjoyed were the character themselves (Npcs) and their design. I hope it meets further development and becomes a full-fledged game!

Wow, this game is interesting but challenging especially if you decide to choose the difficult mode(from the lizard guy) before fighting the boss. I chose the easy way guys.

I loved this game please keep working on it

Hi! i just played the new version but i didnt get any new content like in the pictures. i've delete save, quit the game and relaunch it but it still didnt give me new stuff. i've beat the boss like 4 times already :v didnt know what i did wrong

Great game btw!


The demo is only the tutorial, for more you gonna have to wait for the full version hehe!

Thank you!

ah okay that clear things up ty!

very good boss fight no damage taken  the demo run still working on it maybe tomorrow whit small commentary 

Good job!

I see you're playing on a controller, it's still not oficially supported but you did well!

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correct in my demo run i explain its compatible whit a xbox controller base on my exp. am a gamer from atari age  so not much in to the keyboard mouse thing  lucky i did not had to map the keys to my controller whit a program    i only had use mouse for the rest and located skill points and level up my stats combat runs pretty well whit the controller 

Hello, I have completed the new version of the game and I would like to ask a question and report a bug

1. This is about bugs, I had such a bug several times that after death in a place with toxins, my ghost is not there, and all points were lost, I have not seen more bugs

And the question is, the content that is shown on screenshots and gifs, is this for higher versions? Since I didn't come across this in version 0.26


The new version has some weird interaction with old savefiles, clicking delete save should hopefully fix that.

Demo is just the tutorial section + boss, some of the screenshots show stuff that are further in game.

Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately, the bug arose on a new save, I replayed it not for the first time, and the bug was still there, I'm not sure if everyone has it, maybe it's just me

I think you have to delete the save and then close the game and boot it up again for it to be fixed.

Sorry for that!

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Hello, I have just played and finished the Sang: The Desert Blade Demo and enjoyed it very much and I look forwards to playing the full release. However, there are a few critiques I have for it though.

1. Now I play games with a controller as I am not very comfortable using a mouse and keyboard due to how spread out the buttons are and I always have to look down to be sure I press the right button as a result. I'm far better with a controller due to the buttons not being spread out and I know exactly where they are. While I'm thankful the demo works fine enough with a controller, the button prompts in the demo were only matched to the mouse and keyboard with nothing for the controller and because of that I did not know which prompt worked for which button on the controller. There were also certain actions I could only carry out properly with the controller and I could only do it with the mouse and keyboard which was the the items menu and the menu for the Alter where you can spend Soul Points to level up and regain health. Another one was that while with some things like talking with NPCs and interacting with certain objects like pulling levers, entering and exiting rooms, reading those books and other things, whenever I found a chest with an item inside for some reason it refused to open the chest when I used the controller and I could only open it with the keyboard. But since this is a demo and not the final game, I'll give it a pass for now though as I'm certain it will be ironed out eventually. Just so you know I used an Xbox Series X Turtle Beach Recon Controller when playing the game.

2. Another issue was that I lost track of where I was in the section of the dungeon that was very dark so the addition of a map would be nice too or is there one planned for the final release or is there one in the game and I'm just not yet aware of it?

3. Now this is not really an issue with the game itself and more that I just do not know how to save the game or I'm unsure if you even can save the game. Can you save the game and if so where? I tried looking in the pause menu and I did not find anything that let you save it or does the game save automatically or is it The Alters you save at? I played a bit of the game yesterday and reached one of those alters but when I opened it again I could not find a Continue option.

That's all the critiques that I have for now. I'll probably share more if I can remember anymore. I'm definitely going to play more of the demo to see if I can find anymore issues that need ironing out.

Other than that besides some things needing to be ironed out, there is not really a whole lot of problems with the game and is near perfection with what you already have with it in my opinion.

Thanks for playing the game!

1. Controller is not officialy supported yet, but I'm working on it and making sure it feels good.

2. There will be no map in the game, I'll try making sure each rooms is more different and that there's more landmarks.

3.This version of the game only saves if you beat the demo so you can continue into ng+ of the demo. Next version will have a proper continue button.

Thank's again!

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I very much like the artstyle (I can see you are based Hyper Light Drifter appreciators).

Here are my critiques:

1. PLEASE give us an option to disable chromatic aberration and vignette. I absolutely despise these effects.

2. The letterboxing during parries is very jarring and unnecessary.

3. No need for the "Press [button] to do thing" prompts more than once. They're unnecessary and negatively impact the atmosphere. If the player sees a lever, they'll understand trying to press the interact key next to it.

4. The dust effect when sprinting looks a bit silly.

5. Simple blade has a typo in its description ("it's" should be "its"), and Cutlass repeats "Pretty nice sword" over the entire description area.

6. Sang's response to Malak's second book would be better worded as "Whatever these priests were", not "Whatever were these priests" - the latter would be used for questioning.

7. The "spark" effect when cutting objects looks a bit out of place in the artstyle, in my opinion.

8. Similar to Sang's response, the first part of the Symbol of Poison description would be better phrased "Your weapon applies poison damage over time to your target, lasting 4 seconds." Would also be nice to know how much damage the poison does.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!

1. Lot's of these effect like Chromatic aberration and noise filter are gone and won't be in the next update. Vignette is staying but will likely have an option to be disabled in the future.

2. I agree it's quite jarring and will likely be gone in the future. The reason why it's happening is it's tied to some of the systems that make sure you can't move and are immortal etc.

3. Levers are pretty obvious I agree but there might be some more vague things like the drawing on the wall that you can interact with in the demo. I think it's fine as it is for now.

The grammar errors will be fixed towards the end of development as I will have people which's first language is english check it. Effect and all that will also be changing throughout the development .

Thanks again for trying out the demo!

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No problem - I wish you well!

Glad to hear you take polite criticism well - makes me even more excited for the game. The more games that give me the same dread and mystery of Hyper Light Drifter, the better.

In regards to the interaction button, perhaps instead you could have a simple interaction marker that floats over things when you're near them, like Hyper Light Drifter does?

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First of all, I HATE the boss (probably because I don't want to turn off hard mode). Second of all, this is an amazing game and I love it you did an amazing job. And third of all, is this still being worked on and if so when will the next update/full game come out?

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Hi! Next update will come with a Kickstarter launch. It's gonna be similar to this version with lot's of tweaks, bugfixes and new stuff but nothing new beyond the boss as this is a demo. You can follow my discord or twitter for updates. Thank you!

10/10, Great Game so far, keep it up devs!

Thanks a lot!

great game,honestly speaking i was shocked by the first boss that was soooo coooool! anyways i think theres something wrong with the game. The crates are somehow problematic and so do the iventory. When i press c it just dont show out. also sometimes i cant open a crate when pressing e as following the instructions, hope u guys fix this, cant wait the new update. also i hope to add a save and load system, cause each time when i quit the game, i need to start from the beginning. great game

Hi thanks for trying out the game. Not being able to open inventory or chests is a new one, I don't think that happened to anyone. Are you playing on ENG keyboard layout? If you have french or any other non eng layout it could mess stuff up. 

i think im using a english keyboard layout

Question, will this be on Consoles or Mobile? I don't usually use my computer.

It will be ported to consoles.

Nice, can't wait to try it in the future. 

It seems like a great game in the making, plus there's not many furry Themed Games on Consoles sadly so can't wait.

The pixel art is really beautiful, there are many wonderful details and great gameplay. Amazing game, congrats.

Thank you!! 


Dude this is AMAZING, do you think there might be multiplayer sometime in the future

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Thanks! The game is designed for singleplayer, multiplayer would be incredibly difficult to implement.



FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: shdr_bloom

Vertex shader not compatible with this device


gml_Object_object0_Draw_64 (line 3)

(1 edit)

What kinda PC do you have? It sounds like it's ancient.

If your gpu is like is somewhet recent like 2010+ try installing, reinstaling your gpu drivers. Can't really help you if I don't know what your gpu is.


thank you very much, it was just my gpu driver. 

Is the game on xbox?

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No but the finished game will be


Alright, the demo was really fun. I cant wait for the full release, keep up the good work fam :) 


amazing game, I was blown away by every aspect of it.


Thank you for playing!


Thank YOU for making

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CAN'T WAIT TO GET A FULL VERSION!!!! I love the game a lot<3


Absolutely stellar demo for what looks to be a promising as heck game, super excited to see where it goes!

Thank you so much <3

Android version is planned or impossible because of the controls (too much buttons)? 

I tested it on android with gamepad and it works fine but no plans for it. I might make an apk for people that wish to play it that way but there's lots of buts and I can't guarantee it would work properly on all devices.


loved it! cant wait for the full release!


Thank youuu <3


i think is a game with big potential, but i cant play becouse while i am walking i cant move my cursor :( its a shame i cant play only with my keyboard , i will be happy to play if you fix that. any ways good job,  i wish to be notice if you fix that pls (i dont know if i write well , i am learning english)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! Thanks for downloading the game. I think you're playing on a laptop without mouse right. I've noticed that problem too on laptops that the touchpad is disabled if you're using a keyboard.

This is a laptop feature and you gonna have to google up how to disable it in windows so you can use both keyboard and touchpad at the same time.

aaaah yes, i have a mouse too,  if is fixed notice me . Good Look.

Works fine with mouse!


Pretty poggers UwU


This game is amazing. For a demo this is the most polished 2d souls-like game I have ever played. The atmosphere was really mysterious and a little spoopy and the gameplay although simple really captures the jank combat of the souls games. The enemies were neither difficult nor easy. The demo boss was truly amazing. In my video it actually took me 5 tries because I had to remember that dodge roll exists. Even after defeating the boss it really gave me that sense of accomplishment. I cannot find any faults in this game and I can't wait to see the full game! Good luck on completing it :D!!


Thank youu <3. Good job defeating the boss!


Just uploaded my playthrough of the demo on my youtube channel! This demo is awesome, really interested to see what the full game is like! Here is the video: 


Thank you for playing!


I love this so much! I can't wait to see how evolves when the full game is released! I hope you charge money for it, cause I'll gladly crack my wallet open for this. 


Who knows, maybe a kickstarter campaing is coming soonish hehe

duuuuuuude do it! I would give some money!

(2 edits) (+1)

(p.p.s. i just realized that the review was supposed to go together with the rating. uh, it won't hurt to have it here too would it?)

I just finished playing the demo and it looks like it has a lot of cool things going for it! the spellcasting is very interesting and I like the way parrying and dodging works. however, I will say that there are some things I'm not fully fond of.

firstly, the hitbox of the strong attack is a bit too unforgiving I feel. I've been right in front of an enemy and still miss the strong attack. I can see that the sword was going to miss them by an inch, but I feel it can be a little more forgiving, since it's very hard to actually make use of the strong attack at all as is since sang can't attack diagonally, the strong attack ends up missing by a hard over half of the time.

the hyper armor/super armor/poise of the big enemies makes sense, but I feel it could be indicated. it'd cause little harm to the game since it seems to be content with showing health bars and stamina bars very clearly. I don't see why a white outline around a character with poise would hurt. though I could just be an idiot forgetting that they have super armor

Of course, there's also the fact that different weapons don't have different models/movesets. This may be a demo thing, but in case it isn't i really feel at least a slightly altered model could be nice or even a different moveset for some weapons like the way dark souls handles straight swords and curved swords. I didn't find any of the other weapon classes, so I only have the standard swords for reference. still, I hope this isn't too much of an issue. maybe I'll edit this if I end up looking for and finding the other weapon classes

Again, this can be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not experienced in game design, but I hope my feedback can still help even a little. the game looks very promising and I'll be watching with lots of intrigue.

p.s. was this the right place to give my feedback on the game?


Hello there and thank you for trying out the game!

Game's combat is more deliberat, positioning yourself correctly is part of the game. The sword's strong attack is more of a gap closer so you should stand a little bit away from enemies when using it. Some weapons like spears will only hit where your spear's tip is, but yeah, not spamming your attacks and making sure they hit is part of the game. 

Big guys have super armor yes and that's what they usually gonna have. That's the kinda stuff you'll figure out and learn as you play. 

Game is still in a very early development, different weapons , skins and movesets will be in game.  This is very barebones to see how people like it and get feedback early.

Thanks again for playing and trying out the game!


The game's great so far! Excellent job on all audiovisual departments.

The game does fall short  on the some of the design choices however. Like being unable to dodge through foes but then having to dodge through an enemy (body part) during the boss battle. Also, the lack of explanation on somethings like the casting system is baffling, I had to check it on the pause menu (aka break the flow of my game) to see how it was done. Also the font choice is the oddest thing; it's a cool font, but I had difficulty reading at many points (especially in the heat of the moment). The cost of stamina for things like sprinting and dodging is also concerning; but I understand such balancing issues are part of the process.

Overall, it's good game with potential, but needs some anti-frustration techniques in its design.

(2 edits) (+2)

Thanks a lot for playing!

You can dodge through attacks which the hand swipes, during the boss fight, are. This is the kinda video game logic that I think is usually accepted as fine. Dodging through enemies would remove too much of the difficulty.

Casting is explained when you pick up the Light spell. I made the design choice that tutorial stuff is very non intrusive and you can ignore it, so you must have missed it.

Font will change.

You can level up your endurance which increases your stamina (This is an RPG so your character will get stronger).

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback! 

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