Update v0.14

While working on new content I decided to completely rebalance the demo.

Point of Update v0.14 is to smooth out the difficulty curve and make the demo less harsh for people that don't play souls games and address few issues.

Update v0.14:

  • New passive enemy
  • Enemies reshuffled 
  • Altar in second level moved to a more noticeable place
  • Second level is also more linear now so you can't end up running in circles
  • Buffs to HP and Stamina (leveling up also gives you +2 HP)
  • Quicker roll animation
  • Player attack hitboxes adjusted (should be easier to hit stuff)
  • Enemy attack hitbox sizes reduced
  • Enemy stat and Ai adjustments 
  • Health potion now heals 60% of your hp
  • Mana bar lights up when you hit enemies, to make it more clear that that's how you regain mana (and more HUD improvements)
  • General adjustments, bugfixes and balance changes

This update should make the demo more enjoyable and less frustrating while still keeping it challenging.


Project Sang playtest demo v0.14.zip 74 MB
Mar 08, 2021

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