Update v0.20

Update 0.20:

  • New Font
  • Riposte and backstabs added
  • Extra ending scene added
  • Idle animation (wait 10sec and sang will shake her tail)
  • Improved player HUD and it's scaling 
  • New menus that are work in progress
  • More lore added
  • Lot's of QoL impovements like:
    • Falling grace period (you have some time to react before you fall)
    • You can roll over smaller gaps
    • Exhausted triggers improved to be less punishing
    • Enemy direction indicators
    • You can sprint for little while while having no stamina
    • Jump has i-frames now

Sound Design:

  • New sfx added


  • Combat feel and VFX improvements
  • Movement speed now affects other actions like roll and jump
  • You can try out gamepad, it is still not finished but playable (menus don't work)
    • I tested DS4 and it works fine, switch controller needed a program to work
    • If you try it let me know how it feels! I still recommend not using it for now.
  • Blood orb improvements
    • Getting all 6 orbs while you already have all potions gives you a powerful buff now. You loose it by using health potion.
    • Bosses give you 6 orbs at 80%hp and another 6 orbs at 35% (total 2 extra health potions)
  • New hidden spell: Blood Rush - 50% movement speed increase
    • Left > Right > Right > Up 
  • Sang now faces the objects she's interacting with during cutscene mode


  • Bunch of improvements here, sadly YYC compiller broke for me so the performace might be worse


  • There is a lot of new WIP systems that are hidden for now
    • Systems like localization support and keybinding, so this kinda stuff is coming (not sure when) 
  • Stuff that I forgot haha

-General adjustments, many bugfixes ,tweaks and balance changes.


SangTheDesertBlade v0.20c 64bit YYC.zip 93 MB
Nov 19, 2021
SangTheDesertBlade v0.20c 32bit YYC.zip 92 MB
Nov 19, 2021

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Beautiful game with smooth actions, movements and neat 2D graphic <3  Would recommended anyone love rpg and pixel arts, give it a try ^^